The CKO Story


Way back when....

CKO Kickboxing was originally formed in Hoboken, NJ as "Take It To The Max" in November, 1997 by Joseph Andreula. Joseph designed and created the intense workout, which was the first of its kind. CKO became so popular in Hoboken that by 2004, nine additional locations opened throughout NJ and NY. In the summer of 2005, CKO opened the doors to its second Hoboken gym and today has over 40 locations!

CKO has a massive army of devoted followers and has been recognized in countless national fitness magazines and television programs such as NBC's The Today Show.


What's CKO?!

Lose weight and get toned by signing up for classes at a kickboxing gym. You'll relieve stress, have fun, and reach your personal fitness goals by working out here. We believe in creating a supportive environment where you can enjoy positive feedback, motivation, and engaging sessions.

Our instructors will show you how the kicks and punches are done, all within a family-like atmosphere that encourages gym members to go at their own pace. We focus on the fitness aspect of kickboxing rather than the martial art itself. With just a single hour-long class, you can:

Burn up to 1,200 calories

Work out as part of a group

Use real heavy punching bags for greater resistance

Before you spend another month struggling through the same boring routine, see how you can shake things up and enjoy a more engaging workout.  Give us a call or send us a message today.  CKO Warwick will